Saturday, August 8, 2009

Furry Support!

Have you ever seen such a cute face?

Wow, it has been almost 2 months since I posted last! Life has been a little crazy! While this summer has not been as hot or provided as many beach days, it certainly has been full of activities and full of new love in our home.

I would like to introduce you to....HENRY!

Henry is a rescue from down south. He is about 5 months old and we have no idea what kind of dog he is...any ideas? We are thinking terrier, retriever, spaniel mix...Really, he is a pile of mush and loves to be loved. He adores Finn and Finn is coming around to the idea of being a big sister.

He has acclimated to our house, learned quickly- when Terence says "Go find Mommy,"
both Henry and Finn run to the bathroom.

"Hmmm...I want that kong..."

"I will mess you up for that kong- Matrix style!"

I hope everyone is feeling good and enjoying summer.
I hope the tummy troubles have not slowed you down!
I will be posting soon about Humira shots for those who are considering a biologic approach.


  1. Adorable! My dog is a rescue dog as well, and my parents adopted dogs from down South from their rescue organization (West Virginia, I think). Henry is a stellar name choice, too.

  2. Yes, he is a cutie! I think there's some spaniel in there, and if you're really interested in knowing his mix, there's a DNA blood test available (better than the saliva test) if you have a spare $100, so ask your vet about it. Keep taking photos, and next summer you can enter him in the Rogers Rescues calendar contest (our golden mix is Miss September 2009). The contest is a fund raiser for a NJ based rescue, who get most of their dogs from KY, VA and WV. It is open to anyone who has a rescued dog, and you win $25 and bragging rights. This year there's over 400 entries, and the membership votes as well as anyone on their email list. Go to to find out more about it, but it is too late for this year's contest. I hope you're feeling better, and I will forward the poop chart to a friend whose son has UC. You should copyright it! Kathryn's Mom