Friday, May 29, 2009

Finding the Humor In It...

So I told my husband "Babe, we need a funny line for our team t-shirts for the Take Steps-Walk for Crohn's and Colitis."

And he came up with a bunch! He's so good to me! I picked the two that made me laugh the hardest, drew an intestine with a black sharpie marker and ...for your enjoyment, here are the final products. The front and back of our team t-shirts!

Some people would think walking around in a t-shirt showcasing a small bowel may be odd...not my family!

For all you IBD peeps out there- here is another story to make you laugh. Last Friday I had my second colonoscopy in two months. I remember nothing about the first one except going in. I was totally out of it! When I woke up I had a full blown convo with my Doc, yet I couldn't recall a thing later on- good thing my hubby was there to talk to the doctor so he could dictate to me what was discussed!

The same thing happened last week... but it gets better! I went in at 6:30AM, was out of the colonoscopy by 8:00AM, home asleep by 8:30AM. Since my hubby works until 4:00AM- he also went to sleep.

Then I wake up an hour later in a FULL BLOWN PANIC! "Honey, we missed the colonoscopy! What are we going to do?!? Wake up! Wake up! Oh my god!" Tears in my eyes. Had I done the crappy prep the night before all for nothing?!? It took a good five minutes for him to talk me down and convince me we had already gone to the procedure and come home....awesome.