Friday, May 29, 2009

Finding the Humor In It...

So I told my husband "Babe, we need a funny line for our team t-shirts for the Take Steps-Walk for Crohn's and Colitis."

And he came up with a bunch! He's so good to me! I picked the two that made me laugh the hardest, drew an intestine with a black sharpie marker and ...for your enjoyment, here are the final products. The front and back of our team t-shirts!

Some people would think walking around in a t-shirt showcasing a small bowel may be odd...not my family!

For all you IBD peeps out there- here is another story to make you laugh. Last Friday I had my second colonoscopy in two months. I remember nothing about the first one except going in. I was totally out of it! When I woke up I had a full blown convo with my Doc, yet I couldn't recall a thing later on- good thing my hubby was there to talk to the doctor so he could dictate to me what was discussed!

The same thing happened last week... but it gets better! I went in at 6:30AM, was out of the colonoscopy by 8:00AM, home asleep by 8:30AM. Since my hubby works until 4:00AM- he also went to sleep.

Then I wake up an hour later in a FULL BLOWN PANIC! "Honey, we missed the colonoscopy! What are we going to do?!? Wake up! Wake up! Oh my god!" Tears in my eyes. Had I done the crappy prep the night before all for nothing?!? It took a good five minutes for him to talk me down and convince me we had already gone to the procedure and come home....awesome.


  1. Love it!! Great job, Ro (and Ter)!!

  2. Love the humor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am experiencing lower bowel problem IBS and some complications from Gall Bladder surgery. My soon to be husband had a colon resection several years ago. When we meet two years ago I would never believed that we would have so much in ""common""......we have our own inside I loved seeing more humor.

  3. Hi Rosie,

    Awesomely fun! =D

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