Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Specific Carbohydrate Diet...in my world

Hello autoimmune disorder...how shall we battle you this year?

Since the prednisone after the boys were born...I have not gone on any medication...let's be honest, Humira and Remicade gave me drug-induced LUPUS...and the only biologic left is Cimzia. I do not want to try this unless absolutely necessary. Do you know what's worse than going to the bathroom 12 times a day, losing crazy weight, and suffering from abdominal pain? Doing all those things, but barely being able to move because every single joint is on fire...not to mention your skin actually hurts. Potential Alternatives?

After lots of reading, I decided to try again with a change in my diet. I discovered the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Have you heard of it? It is a diet, a lifestyle, for those suffering from Crohn's, UC, Celiac's, CF and other bowel issues. By removing the foods that have crept into our modern diet (grains, pastas, breads, complex sugars, etc.) you start to reduce the harmful bacteria in your gut...bottom line- it is lactose-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and grain-free. Now, you are thinking...so what the heck do you eat?!

Here is a list of foods of the SCD legal/illegal foods

Strictly adhering to the guidelines, I followed the SCD for 2 months...and I was very hungry!! Two infants, no time to cook, no sleep...just was not working. So I made it work for me. I introduced brown rice and gluten-free oats back into the equation. Lots of fruits and veggies, cheese (with .05% lactose content), homemade yogurt, and occasional meat choices...and I am doing VERY GOOD!  I'm not perfect, I do cheat occasionally, and suffer for it. I cant help it, life is short and I am a foodie!

This diet is worth trying or a reasonable variation of it:) Make it work for you- Revise the diet to see if some alterations help your gut! I found the following books and recipes very helpful:

**An aside- make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D! Deficiency is very common for those with Crohn's- and with indoor winter activities, even more so! 

Here's looking forward to a lovely spring and some awesome D!