Monday, October 12, 2009

October Greetings

To be 100% have a Sicilian Mom who makes incredible tomato sauce...and to only eat it when I feel like spending ample time in the bathroom.....that is a curse.

But there are worse things! I hope everyone's tummies are doing okay this month! Guess what- I am 90% there!! GI Doc/Hero has given me 2 more months to play around with Humira. I have increased injections to now 1x/wk and it is working!!! AND I am a still a big baby every Saturday when my husband needs to inject me....

HIM: "It's time."
ME: "Nah, let's do it later..."
HIM: "No, let's just get it over with."
ME: "Come on! Inject yourself and see what it feels like!"
HIM: "Yeah Right. "

Maybe, just maybe, I will be able to try for babies soon!!!! The power of optimism combined with plain food, no dairy, no high fructose corn syrup, and no processed foods.

TIP: For those of you who need protein, but have a hard time digesting meat, even if you are lactose-intolerant, I would try Chobani Greek Yogurt! I can eat this! It is packed with protein and probiotics, makes me full and does not make me sick! Give it a whirl!


  1. Oy! The Italian food. I miss it so much. It's been years and years since I've had any spaghetti, lasagna, penne alfredo, ... *cry* sauces are bad! I can't imagine being Italian and not being able to eat mom's home cookin!

    It's great to hear that you're feeling good! *high-five* :)

    ~Bright Side

  2. Team Semi-Colon! We used the same idea, just a different slogan. That's hilarious.

  3. If I'm understanding your blog correctly, you have eliminated dairy from you diet. Is that because you are lactose intolerant? Or is it because of Crohn's? I ask this because I was diagnosed w/Crohns' a little less than a year ago. I am currently having a flare up (I think it's due to some chocolate covered almonds I had) & I'm trying to do the whole process of elimination thing. I have always loved milk but have stopped drinking it lately, hoping to find out something. This is the second major flare up I've had in the past five weeks. The first one happened after I had eaten some peanuts. Therefore, I'm pretty sure I need to eliminate all nuts, unfortunately. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
    Gayle Hubbard