Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tracking your BM's...

"Any Urgency? Any Accidents?"

When you go to your GI Doc, you may be asked questions like those above. Every time I go, I am asked! I blush, I look uncomfortable, and then I suck it up and try to provide as much information as I can, knowing this doctor has heard it all!

Then, the GI Doc asks "How many times are you going each day? What kind?" Hmmm...what kind? So, let's talk about your BM's. I know, this can be awkward to talk about, but we must press on.

I have created a way to document BM's, so that when I am asked this question, I can have all the facts! Not only can I provide facts, I can actually run statistics on my BM's. And the geek in me emerges! Proud geek.

I made a small chart, see above, and then I printed a bunch of these out (as big as a business cards) on card stock, since they have to last the week. When the week is over, I transfer the information to an excel document. Feel free to use the above chart or make one specific to you!

Left column = day of the week
Numbers across the top = represents each BM, up to 8times/day
Right column = Key to type of BM, designed similiar to a Likert Scale:
1 is ED, the worst, explosive diarrhea
2 is D, diarrhea
3 is P, pudding consistency
4 is SL, the soft log
5 is the log, what you aspire to...
* indicates if the BM was an urgent "must go now!" experience

Please note: If you go more than 8 times/day or if you would like to characterize your poop in a differe way, feel free! This is all patient-specific.

I recently saw this book What's Your Poo Telling You? at Urban Outfitters and then found it on Amazon. It will give you a chuckle and actually goes more in depth as how to document your experiences.

If anything, I hope this post made you smile. At heart, I hope you download the chart, make it your own and become a fantastic advocate on your health!

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